Automation Testers MAY Replace Manual Testers

Will Automation testers replace Manual Testers?

I’ve seen and continuously seeing this being a topic on articles and discussions in different media. I’ve seen how some, negatively react to discussions regarding “Automation vs Manual Testing”. Yes, let’s admit that both provides value on their own ways. But in todays context, as we gear towards agility, automation provides a faster way of getting feedback thus it is more desirable when implemented the right way.

So to answer the question, I will say that AUTOMATION TESTERS MAY REPLACE MANUAL TESTERS BUT AUTOMATION TESTING WILL NOT REPLACE MANUAL TESTING. At least not in the foreseeable future.

I’ve seen organizations hire automation testers only to assign them on manual testing projects. I’ve talked to some recruiters hiring for Automation testers but when asked about what specific task will be done, they cannot say if its manual or automation. One recruiter said they prefer one skilled in both manual and automation testing. I’ve seen job postings for manual testing roles where “Automation testing skills is a plus” but I seldom see job postings for automation testing roles where “manual testing skills is a plus” or “good foundation in manual testing is a plus”. For me this now the reality.

We all have different views and opinions, if you agree or not, it’s all up to you.

What I wan’t to say is if you are a “manual tester” I urge you to keep on learning new skills, master the skills you already have, stay relevant and do not just focus on doing your testing activities rather focus on helping your team be more agile and provide a higher quality outcome. In the end, “manual” and “automation” are just part of your job titles. Titles do not matter if what you’re doing do not provide any value. As what I’ve read in agile articles, “Garbage in, Garbage out”.

“Good Automation Brings Agility”. Software QA With An Agile Mindset.